December 2019Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2018 – Autor der Kapitel zu Albanien und Bosnien und Herzegowina, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

September 2019 – How much future for our past? The laboratory for European unity: the Council of Europe @70 – Author of the essay published in the Bled Strategic Times 2019 (p. 22).

September 2019Western Balkan back in focus. How to shape Europe´s reengagement with region in crisis? Editor together with Thomas Müller-Färber of the Loccumer Protokolle 28/2018, Loccum-Rehberge (Evangelische Akademie Loccum).

July 2019 – The Western Balkans in the World. Linkages and Relations with Non-Western Countries – Author of the chapter “Security co-operation in the Western Balkans: Cracks and erosion of Euro-Atlantic integration?” with Marko Kmezić, London (Routledge).

June 2019Duplex 100m2 & Contemporary Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2004-2018 – Author of the text “Duplex generation Europe – Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU: a parallel story”, Paris (Reveneuve).

March 4, 2019 – European Western BalkansInterview on the Horizontal Facility of the European Union and the Council of Europe in Serbia.

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Dezember 2018 – Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2018 – Autor der Kapitel zu Albanien, Bosnien und Herzegowina und Kosovo, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

December 2018 – CorD MagazineInterview on the Council of Europe in Serbia.

November 2, 2018 – European Western BalkansInterview on the Council of Europe in Serbia.

September 10-11, 2018 – Bled Strategic Times – “Enlargement after Brexit: the growing of non-EU Europe”. Analysis.

August 14, 2018 – The International Journal of Human Rights – “European Union approaches to police and human rights in the Western Balkans”, Research article.

Summer 2018 – Südosteuropa-Mitteilungen – “The EU and transitional justice in former Yugoslavia”, 2 (2018) 58. Jahrgang. Analysis.

Frühjahr 2018 – Rheinische Heimatpflege – “Rheinland 1945-1990: Herausforderung Nachkriegsmoderne”, 2 (2018) 55. Jahrgang. Bericht.

April 5, 2018 – Financial Times – “Rule of law´s natural home is the Council of Europe”. Letter.

March 9. 2018 – Adevarul“What are the chances for the Western Balkans countries to integrate into the EU?”. Interview (in Romanian).

March 5, 2018 – Istituto Affari Internazionali (Documenti IAI 18/02) – The European Union and its Eastern Partners: Beyond the Limits of Current Approaches to Regional Cooperation. Analysis with Florent Marciacq.

March 3, 2018Pobjeda – On EU enlargement perspectives. Interview (in Montenegrian).

February 28, 2018Carnegie EuropeJudy asks “Is Central Europe damaging enlargement?” Comment for Judy Dempsey´s Strategic Europe.

February 23, 2018 – Einführung in das Politische System Bosnien und Herzegowinas Herausgeber und Autor mit Nicolas Moll, Wiesbaden (Springer VS).

February 21, 2018European Western Balkans – “New German governement committed to the Western Balkans”. Interview.

February 14, 2018 – Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE policy paper no. 66) – China’s Balkans Silk Road: Does it pave or block the way of Western Balkans to the European Union? Analysis with Magda Stumvoll.

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December 2017 – Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2017 – Autor der Kapitel zu Albanien, Bosnien und Herzegowina und Kosovo, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

December 23, 2017 – Financial Times – “Ms Sanders seems to pick and choose her Bible texts”, letter.

September 5, 2017 – Balkans in Europe policy blog – “What´s another year? The European Union and the Western Balkans 2017”, analysis (republication).

September 4, 2017 – Bled Strategic Times – “What´s another year? The European Union and the Western Balkans 2017”, analysis.

August 2017 – Resilience in the Western Balkans (ISSUE Report No. 36) –  author of the chapter “The Berlin process: resilience in the waiting room”, Paris (EU Institute for Security Studies).

August 11, 2017 – Financial Times – “Start work now on empowering Syrians for a postwar settlement”, letter.

July 12, 2017 – Deutsche Welle – “EU ist ehrlich am Balkan interessiert”, Interview.

July 11, 2017 – Handelsblatt Global – “Growing apart or together?”, opinion, with Dušan Reljić.

June 27, 2017 – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) “Point of view” – “EU Enlargement: A Six Percent Target for the Western Balkans”, analysis, with Dušan Reljić.

June 23, 2017  – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) “Kurz gesagt” – “EU-Erweiterung: Ein Sechs-Prozent-Ziel für die Westbalkanstaaten”, Analyse, mit Dušan Reljić.

June 2, 2017 – Balkans in Europe policy blog – Berlin plus will not change the game”, analysis.

May 9, 2017 – European Western Balkans – “Foreign Ministers´conference in Berlin: accelerating the progress in the Western Balkans”, opinion.

April 9, 2017 – RAI Radio 1 Manuale d´Europa – Attualità europea, intervista.

March 2017 – Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group (BiEPAG) Study – “The Crisis of Democracy in the Western Balkans. An Anatomy of Stabilitocracy and the Limits of EU Democracy Promotion”, author with Florian Bieber et al.

March 27, 2017 – Financial Times – “An ageing, privileged baby-boomer`s superficial and shallow resentments”, letter.

February 2017 – OSCE Year Book 2016 – “The Response of OSCE Field Operations in South-Eastern Europe to the Migration and Refugee Crisis”, analysis, author together with Florent Marciacq and Ivana Boštjančič Pulko (also available in German).

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Dezember 2016 – Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2016 – Autor der Kapitel zu Albanien, Bosnien und Herzegowina und Kosovo, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

November 2016 – Südosteuropa-Mitteilungen 5-6/2016 – “The OSCE’s Response to the Migration and Refugee Crisis. The impact of the opening and closing of the “Balkans route” on the work of the OSCE Missions in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia”, analysis, author with Florent Marciacq and Ivana Boštjančič Pulko.

October 2016 – Constitutional Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: From Post-Socialist Transition to the Reform of Political Systems author of the chapter “Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Wiesbaden (Springer VS).

September 26, 2017 – Deutsche Welle – “Verbreitung des völkischen Nationalismus in Bosnien”, Interview (in Bosnisch).

September 2016 – Souverän – “Integration Südosteuropas: Zurück in die Zukunft?”, Analyse.

July 11, 2016 – Hessischer Rundfunk – “Umstritten und unaufhaltsam: Die EU-Erweiterung”, Interview.

July 4, 2016 – Die Zeit – “Kümmert euch um den Balkan!”, opinion with Dušan Reljić.

July 1, 2016 – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) “Kurz gesagt” – Torlos in die Halbzeit: In Paris müssen EU und Westbalkanländer besser kombinieren”, Analyse, mit Dušan Reljić.

Dezember 2015 – Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2015 – Autor der Kapitel zu Albanien und Bosnien und Herzegowina, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

November 2, 2015 – Der Standard – “Die EU-Erweiterung wird zunehmend politisiert”, Interview.

Dezember 2014 – Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2014 – Autor des Kapitels zu Albanien, Baden-Baden (Nomos).

March 2013 – What is the Gender of Security? – editor with Damir Arsenijević (also available in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), Sarajevo (Sarajevo Open Centre).

January 2013 – EU Institute for Security Studies Joint Report – “Ten years after: lessons from the EUPM in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002-2012”, editor with Damien Helly and author.

December 2012 – OSCE Year Book 2012 – “Bosnia and Herzegovina – Plus Ça Change”, author (also avaialble in German).

June 2012 – ZIF Policy Briefing – “10 Jahre EU-Polizeimission in Bosnien und Herzegowina: Versuch einer Bilanz”, Analyse.

March 2012 – Südosteuropa Mitteilungen 2/2012 – “Bosnien und Herzegowina und die EU: Zwanzig schwierige Jahre”, Autor.

December 2011 – Ost-West Europäische Perspektiven 4/2011 –Eine unvermeidliche Beziehung: Bosnien und Herzegowina und die Europäische Union”, Analyse.

September 2011 – Sicherheit und Frieden 3/2011 – “Building and Removing Visa Walls: On European Integration of the Western Balkans”, author with Tobias Bütow.

2010 – After the Wars: The Western Balkasn facing the European Union – co-editor of the video book of a conference organised together with Tobias Bütow for the Schwarzkoft Stiftung.

2009 – Police Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Security Sector Reform and the Stabilisation and Association Process – editor of the seminarseminar organised in Sarajevo by Centre for European Perspective in cooperation with European Union Police Mission (EUPM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina., Ljubljana.

2008 – European security and defence policy: an implementation perspective author of the chapter “EUPOL Proxima in Macedonia”, London (Routledge).

2008 – Die Europäische Sicherheitsstrategie in der Diskussion – “Die Europäische Sicherheits- strategie: eine erste Bilanz”, Grüne Sicherheitskonferenz in Brüssel 17. September 2008, Autor.

2004 – Council of Europe – European Union youth partnership publications – T-Kit Funding and Financial Management, editor, Strasbourg.

2003 – Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sport – “The state of national youth councils and consultative youth bodies in Europe”, comparative study.

2000 – Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sport – “General Report of the Human Rights Education Forum held at the European Youth Centre Budapest, 7 to 12 November 2000”, rapporteur together with Adrienne Englert.

1997 – The New Federalist – A short history of the Young European Federalists, essay.